About Us

Close your eyes and make a wish!

JinniLotto is here to make your wishes come true by removing the barriers to massive financial rewards. Wherever in the world you happen to be, chances are that there is a lottery in another country that you hear about and wish you could play. Lotteries like EuroMillions, Euro Jackpot, Mega Millions and PowerBall are world famous and offer the biggest payouts. But how can you take part if those lotteries aren’t in your country?

You can’t. Until now.

That’s right, JinniLotto makes it possible for you to play the best lotteries in the world from the comfort of your own home. Your wishes granted, from anywhere in the world.

How we turn dreams into reality

  • JinniLotto has a global network of agents that will buy lottery tickets locally on your behalf. These tickets will be in your name, the numbers will be your choice, and if you have success the winnings will be all yours.
  • Not only do you have access to the world’s biggest lottery jackpots. Not only do you not have to bother with queuing for tickets ever again. But we will also inform you of the results as soon as the official draw has taken place.
  • When your numbers come up, JinniLotto will send you an official letter to your registered email address and the winnings will then be transferred to your JinniLotto account. If you win a jackpot you will be contacted by one of our Master Agents, who will help guide you through the prize claiming process.

Our mission

We are committed to make your wishes come true in every possible way. We will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that you receive a safe, easy and reliable service to access the world’s top lotteries. We are the trusted name in the playing of online lotteries and as such we only provide tickets for lotteries that are officially and legally recognized.

Our expertise

Not only does JinniLotto have a world class support structure in place to provide around-the-clock assistance to our players, we also have a dedicated team of expert mathematicians and statisticians that evaluate every lottery.